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The Urban Newtown

Bettina Banks


I love boutique hotels. 

I especially love how a few bring in the outside world in, subtly. 


Newtown's got this funky vibe of spray painted walls, endless coffee shops as you walk down the street with creatives making sure that you're able to recycle just about anything.   


I love the vibes that The Urban Newtown brought into their hotel -  A clean comfy stay with industrial style accommodation. Rooms are lightly lit, beds are just right with just enough pillows and walls are thick with concrete so you won't be able to hear your neighbours or the loud noises from downstairs. After all, you are in Newtown! 

They also have a a snack table and coffee available as soon as you walk in. 


Make sure you guys make your booking online so you get your free mini bar when you stay. :)

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Bettina Banks

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It's time to tell a story, a story of my journey in Bali. 

My phone is full of memories, diary enteries and secrets of wonderful places.  

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