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I had a One Night Stand with…

One Night Stand sleep wear is what I’m talking about. Not the usual phrase you’d hear from one of your mates about what they got up to last night, but damn it’s catchy, isn’t it?

These guys hit me up through Instagram, and I am so grateful they did. Not only did I receive a present from them to brag about, they created a brand to keep the homeless off the streets.  A brand that is locally sourced within Australia, making the material of their sleep-wear soft, comfortable and easy to strip off...

So buy a t – shirt, wear it and strip it off as many times you like. You’re going to be helping people who are sleeping in the rough.  You’re going to be making a difference, and it could all start by having a One Night Stand with….

Love, Bettina.

The Ex Next Door

Jimmy Swagg Eyewear NYC