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Hey there 4 eyes! - Oscar Wylee

Bettina Banks

If you’re as blind as myself and sometimes hate wearing contact lenses because over time they just “suck”- funky glasses have just become your new best friend. What better way to obsess about optical specs than by having multiple pairs of Oscar Wylee's!

These guys haven’t been around for long, but they are killing it in the specs department making very fashionable, colourful, and styled frames.

Oscar Wylee also came out with their second collection a few weeks ago, including sunnies for men and woman just in time for Spring & Summer!

Specs are being sold at only $98, and if you’re the busy type, visit their website. They're so generous they want you to pick 5 of your favourite pairs and get them sent to you for a free home trial before you make your purchase.

Use my code: “ BBlovesOW ” and receive another $10 off!

Promotion starts tomorrow & ends in a month! :)

Happy Shopping guys!


1. Leo - Tabby Tortoise

2. Baxter - Aged Bourbon 

3. Oxford - Obsidian Black

4. Jacque - Aged Bourbon

Sunglasses: Brooke - Obsidian Black

Love Bettina.