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Hello my friend


There comes a time in your life that you know that you've given it all you got, and it still wasn't enough. So what do you do?

Do you give up and walk away, or you just keep trying until your utterly exhausted.

I've lost count on how many times I've tried but I was exhausted, we were both exhausted. So we finally walked away. Walked away knowing that we have so much to learn about ourselves before we could learn about each other.

Most times, life isn't what you plan it out to be. We had a vision! Yes, a happy ending, but you know what got in the way? Life.

To me, life is to live and to love. But the differences between the two is that to live is a need and to love is a want. Though neither of us knew this until it all came crashing down.

Disappointed in failing, and so broken because it broke us. Two separate people who had the same vision at the start, ended up having two different views at the end of it. Why? Because we simply forgot. We forgot who were truly were and completely forgot what we were suppose to stand for. We just forgot...

We can keep arguing, and point the finger at each other but deep down, we knew that it was both our faults. Whatever the fuck it was. We both knew that we had enough. It wasn't meant to be this hard, or to be so tiring.

"Starting fresh" is a statement everyone uses. There's no fresh start in life, there never will be. You can only keep on living it. "Remember to breathe..." is what I'm using, because it reminds me to take it all in, learn from it and grow wiser.

Hello and goodbye my friend, all the best.


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