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Laughing full bellied

I come from a huge Asian family, but no one is close to me like my cousin Vivienne. We share the same interests, we're way to loud together, we eat until our bellies about to burst, love our coffee way too much and we just don't stop talking. We haven't had the time to see each other for a few months because we're too busy growing up but when we do, the world around us briefly stops.

We walked around Surry Hills in the morning, leaving a trail of laughter at Rueben Hills. (Their Baked Eggs and Sardine Salad are just to die for! Their coffee is also divine! A must try for all cafe lovers out there.) Nothing better than spending a Friday in your favourite town, with a great meal and someone who loves you as much as you love them. ;)

Today's outfit consisted of black and white, (of course) and stripes are so in this winter! Feeling like wearing an easy loose dress, so a dress from Showpo did the trick. I can wear a dress in any season, just as long as my upper body is covered up like an Eskimo. The cold weather isn't my thing either, so I can't wait for summer where I could team this pretty dress with a pair of sandals and hair tied in a bun. But for now, hair's down, sturdy boots and a warm jacket, for the cold that has conquered Sydney.


Showpo is currently having a sale on ladies, so head down to the online store! Use the code "Bettina10" to receive a further 10% off!





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