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Midnight Thoughts


You know that quote that goes...

"The unhappiest people in this world are the people who care the most about what everyone else thinks." ?

This particular quote should just be plastered everywhere, on a post it note stuck on your fridge, on the wall in front of your toilet, on your makeup mirror, and pretty much everywhere else in the house. I know that everyone of us are needed to be reminded from time to time, that to live a life to your full potential is to do what you please, at your own happiness, with of course the respect of others.

I've come across so many people that just always ask and seek if it's okay to do things... I mean, you certainly can take into consideration when you ask for opinions from others, but do not consume yourself in a world where people's thoughts take control of you. It leaves you lifeless.

You're given one life. Do things for you, nobody else. Count your blessings, look on the brighter side, go get some fxcking icecream, go for a run and just keep on spreading the love.

Peace! \/


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