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Chasing Humans



A word of choice that overly emotional people use. Overly emotional people; I believe, are people who just love to overly express themselves through any sort of emotion. Whether it may be happiness, fulfilment, sadness and lastly but surely, love. Any sort of chase gets their blood pumping, creates drama, and brews this gut wrenching feeling that no one can ever describe, but it sure does hurt. So painful that you want to feel like throwing up all your insides out on the table.


How we all love to chase; people that we can’t have. People that left us, people that aren’t meant to be in our lives due to the toxic technicality of emotion.  Isn’t it exciting when we find someone we can chase? Thinking that they feel the same way, and chase us back. And when they don’t, we’re left speechless, heartless, cold & gutted. So why do we keep doing it? Self-satisfaction with winning over another human being right? (You heartless piece of shit, leave them alone!)

So where do you stand in the world of chasing? Are you chasing, or being chased? Are you letting your own game play you? Does it really fucking matter who plays it better? Just sit down and talk it out, have some fucking respect (for yourself) and just ask the person. We’re all human beings with the same goal, to fall in love, breed, and create the next generation to carry on our blood line. 

Don't fuck it up.  

Don’t chase. Don’t let be the chasee either. You’re just wasting precious life growth time. Concentrate on yourself, you’ll end up being in a better position than chasing anyway. Chase your dreams instead, build that empire, watch and grow it. AND if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. As cliché as it sounds, it will work out. Stop stressing and let the good times roll.

I’ve never learnt any of this until about now, it took me about 25 years (6 years of being in a relationship) to realise that yes, I was built to love another, to care for another, to get married, have children and watch them grow. But I have never thought of what I was to do in between now and then. And like most, I’m still figuring it out. I left the love of my life to realise that you’re not meant to chase love. Let love chase you. Don’t push it, don’t pressure it. You’ll ruin it.


So to all the overly emotional human beings that makes “love” their whole universe, good for you. Just remember, chase you, do you, and good fucking luck.


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