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Route 348

The road is wet from the light drizzle of rain, trucks are beginning to drive past my window getting ready for another working day. I'm lying in bed, listening to the humming of the fan; circulating a calmness of a cool breeze that gives me a familiarity of our bedroom. I'm lying in bed, the bed we use to wake up together in, say our good nights and sweet dreams, light kisses and messy sheets. 

Our bed, my bed.

Not for a while now has this bedroom heard any of our noises. Not for ages since we parted, our bed has ever felt the same. As it is now mine, and mine it will be.


I never really liked the street lights peeping through the space that the blinds created, but I moved my bed to have a clear view of the dark sky outside. Needed a change I suppose. 

The street lights from outside hits half my face as I peer out the space, then onto the wall above my head and for once I'm okay with it.

Okay with the changes. Accepting of what has happen and what will begin. Okay with it now and for the upcoming days of living. 




Chasing Humans