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It's taken me ONE year.

(Maybe a little over a year...)

One year to get back on my fxcking feet and to have the confidence to emotionally write, strut and be myself again. 

And gosh, what a year it's been. 

I'm not going to sugar coat anything, so here goes. 

Finding yourself is the hardest thing anyone can go through after dedicating so much of yourself to someone else. We're human beings, we're meant to feel everything we're suppose to. The universe just happens to be that way. We make mistakes, we cry, we suffer, we travel, we love, we laugh and then we cry again. But the crying does stop. The hurtful crying stops anyway. The cries of happiness begins to start. Joyful, random, full belly laughs continuously growing in the spaces that we're meant to spread joy and influence upon. And you know what's funny? The support of your laughter is there. There are people constantly wanting the best for you always, understanding what you're going through and frantically cheering you on from the sideline.

Those who have helped within my space.


You know who you unselfish special people are.

(Victoria, Yohana, Grace, Ly, Clare, Peter, Dave, Len, Chook, Vu, Miri, Lisa, Linda, Gem, Rose, Barbie, Suvo and the guys at my GYM! - to name a few! ) 

. . .

Their eyes glisten as soon as you walk into the room and that is when you know, you're in the right room.

So soak all that shxt in because my dear, you deserve it. 

. . . 

So where do I start?

I moved to Bali in August last year to travel, model and find my soul. I went with a 40kg suitcase, spent nearly 6 months there and found my way back home to Sydney with nothing more than a few gifts for the family and some clothing. (Yep, I gave it all away!) All it took was one phone call from my mother to get my butt back to Sydney. 

And I'm not residing just anywhere in Sydney either, I'm back in the western suburbs where I grew up. Back home with my mother and the support group of my friends and family. 

Couldn't be anymore happier! ;)

Did I have a great time in Bali? Hell yes I did! Was it worth it? The sacrifice of materialistic items (and trust me, I had a lot of shxt) to completely let go, climbing active volcanoes and jumping off waterfalls? Fxck yes. Would I do it again? YES, yes I would. But in a different country and city. Because there are so many more beautiful places to visit in this big blue ball of mass of ours!

So now that I'm back, hungry and determined as EVER,  I want to introduce you to my resident photographer - LY LÖWENHERZ.

Pictures below showcase his work, a bespoke limited edition garment by AEONIZEN and myself; in the freaking flesh, older, stronger, wiser, a few more tattooes, more muscle and power. 

In the next few blog posts, I'll be introducing you to my resident hair stylist and makeup artist as well!

So keep your eyes peeled and ENJOY!


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