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Bettina Banks

Remember when you were a kid and you had those rolled up film cameras to take photos with?

You would manually use your thumb to roll up the film and roll, and roll until you hear a click, telling you that you’ve reached the end so you’ll be able to take a photo? 


I loved those.


I loved that when you forgot to put the flash on, the photo came out so dark and the subject of the photo was lost in the picture.

I loved that when the sun was pointing straight at the subject, the photos would come out so bright that it faded their facial features. 

I loved that when you just get it right, the smiles and the eyes of the subject were so sharp they told a story.



I kind of think of life this way.


When it’s dark sometimes, we all feel a little lost.

When it’s a little too bright, we shine so bright that we tend to get carried away and lose focus.


But when it’s just right.


When the porridge isn’t too hot or too cold, but that perfect warmth temperature.

We begin to tell a story that could leave an imprint on others to be told again and again and again. . . 


 I love film photography. 


It captures the moments so raw and in the moment that you couldn’t delete or digitally enhance them.


Photographer @ccaneronoates