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Chanel Makeup Favourites

Bettina Banks

Over the passed few weeks, a lot ladies have ask me what makeup I use. It's actually a mixture of Chanel and MAC products but here is a shot of my favourite Chanel products. 


From left to right.

1. Chanel Le Volume Mascara - Great for when you don't feel like sticking on fake lashes. This mascara will give you length and volume without looking like you have spider webs stuck on your eyes. All time favourite Mascara! *Love heart eyes*

2. Chanel Poudre Uiverselle Libre (Natrual Finish Loose Powder // Translucent Powder) - This product was given to me for my birthday last year from my girlfriend Tina Yong, who is also an awesome makeup artist! As soon as I finish the artwork on my face, I set it with this. My makeup lasts longer, making it stay put and my face stays less oily throughout the day! (Y)

3. Mat Lumiere (Long lasting Luminous Matte Fluid Makeup // Matte Liquid Foundation) - If you have oily skin, this foundation is for you. It's so light, dries quickly and it doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything. I actually have a dry/combination skin, so I end up mixing my MAC Mineralised foundation with it for a bit of a dewy finish. But, if you love a really matte finish for a foundation, this product is your best bet!

4. Rouge Coco Shine, 31 Fiction (Hydrating Sheer Lipshine) - I love my matte deep reds for a lipstick though sometimes when my lips can't handle matte colours, I opt for the Lipshine by Chanel. I love this product because it moisturises your lips and the colour stays put! It also has a light shimmer to is as well which makes it really nice in photos! ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my little review on my favourite Chanel products, and if anyone has any further questions, love to hear from you!