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Bettina Banks


I'm not much of a jeans person, though I was when I was younger.

I "grew" out of it and plus, something about distressed denim I don't like. To me it looks tacky, and just not "clean" cut. But that's just me! Some people get away with it and pull it off though! Don't get me wrong, looks awesome on some...

I love my tights, black leather tights are my thing. But last Friday it was hot, shorts were in the laundry basket and tights were in the wash. So what do I do? Wear nothing... JKS!  

I grabbed these pair of jeans I bought a while back from OneTeaspoon and never put them on until now! It was a good idea at the time and so I guess it will always be a part of my wardrobe.  

What do you guys think? Love, hate, rate! 


Love Bettina