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Favourite's - GEEDUP

You guys have probably seen images of myself modelling for GEEDUP flooding Instagram and Facebook and wondering why I decided to take two steps back and model for a streetwear brand again.

Well most of you know, my modelling career took off in streetwear, so I guess it will always be apart of me. :)

It's so hard for me to say no to the simplistic styles and designs of streetwear clothing and GEEDUP clothing is one of them. Also repping for a brand that oozes in success is my kind of thing! 

So here are my favourite shots from the GEEDUP shoot I did last week with the boys.

Can I just say that they are the most humble bunch guys!

These guys that are just so passionate, driven and young at heart about their label and life! Loved every minute working with them and cannot wait to work with them again in the future!

BIG PLANS COMING GUYS! Hold your horses! xP

But do enjoy the shots below! All clothing shown are purchasable, visit they're website please!

They also included a little interview and video they did on the day spent with yours truly!




Love Bettina

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