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A Bad Ass Feeling

Bettina Banks


I love the confident feeling when you wear something out and get noticed in it. You get stopped and people ask where you got your piece from, heads turn when you walk by and you’re thinking to yourself, “Yep, outfit on point today!” Fist pumps* lol!

This happened to me yesterday…Sydney was warm enough to go for a legless outfit and cool enough to wear some vegan leather. This piece from Saxony is just the ultimate bad ass feeling you need to have in your closet. It’s called the ELLIPSIS GILET jacket, a must have statement piece this Autumn/Winter. Why? Because it goes well with leather tights and a high neck jumper when it’s cold or on a warmer winter night (which we have been getting lately in Sydney), you can wear it over a shin length girly dress adding to it an attitude problem, accompanied with ankle heeled booties and a black a little shoulder purse. 

Outfit of the day and night sorted!  Let the party begin! ;)

Love, Bettina