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Twenty Five

My birthday weekend has just passed and now I’m officially 25 years of age. Feels a little weird but I’m okay with it… I had such a rough time coming up to my 25th actually. I started to get all teary when I reflected back on my life and questioned if I have done enough. I ask myself over and over again, “Did I accomplish enough?” “Did I succeed?” “Did I get rich?”

Most of the goals that I had planned to accomplish by 25 have actually been conquered! I went down the list and ticked off a goal one by one, a satisfying feeling that one must do to remind yourself that you’re doing great! So now, I’m setting myself new goals, new dreams, creating something beautiful and exciting! (More on that later!) Though I’m still trying to tick off the “get rich” goal in my life, that part is still a working progress. lol!

I am quite happy of my accomplishments when looking back actually; I say that I did all right! :)

It has also been about 6 weeks since Miami and I am terribly missing the heat over there. We have had nothing but a cold wet week so far and my tans fading! I’m gaining winter fat and just constantly checking my calendar until I get to feel the warmth upon my skin again. Right now, I’ve currently got the heater cranked up on high, my SMT close by whilst having some trash TV noise in the background. It’s another thing that I do to zone out, other than washing the dishes. I have the TV on just quietly, while surfing on the net or writing up a blog post to you guys! Oh, and Oscars here beside me as well, purring and going in for a bite every time I go in for a pat. (Cat love)

So what did I get up to on the weekend?

Nick surprised me with a road trip up to the Hunter Valley for my birthday. Ahhh, just being able to wake up in our little cabin over looking a lake with the hills in the background was just so picturesque! And of course getting wine fueled at 11am in the morning was spectacular. Every winery I went to, I just had to become a wine connoisseur. We bought back at least 10 bottles but unfortunately ate all the cheese back at the cabin we were staying at.

Muse Restaurant was for dinner on the first night there and it was a major hit! I absolutely loved their slow cooked Berkshire Pork dish, definitely worth trying. We had the tasting menu with matching wines too and you can imagine how that went down. Ended with a beautiful coconut dessert and a birthday song sung by drunk Nick all by himself…

Hunter Valley Gardens was a gem. I loved the different types of gardens they created, from an Oriental designed garden to a Storybook garden. The whole park itself was just a beautiful sight. Sadly though, we’re in the middle of winter so no flowers were out for show.

Okay! So here are some photos from my weekend away, and if anyone is planning to visit the Hunter Valley any time soon pleeeeeease stock up on that cheese! The Smelly Cheese Shop is a must. Yum!



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