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Mid Jan ft. Asilio the Label

Ahhh, So I've taken some time off from my last heart wrenching post. 

Did ya'll feel me? I got over 500 emails asking me if I was okay, about 200 of them asked me if I needed a mans company at dinner and about 50 of them asking for my number. Seriously guys, THANK YOU! I'll be fine to wine alone for now and of course in the company of some of my good friends. Girls nights have been whacked down in my calender and for the rest of the year, also with getting my life back on track. Because, to be honest; when you're saying that you're doing amazing after a break up, you're not. Well, apart of you is telling yourself to smile and that time heals all! The other part is saying, "WHO ARE YOU FOOLING?! Your insides are dying from the hurt and rejection of love." (Thank you insides...) Haha! But it's okay, there's hope guys! I've caught two bouquets at the last two weddings I've been to. LOL!

Anyway, enough rambling. How is everyone? We're just over the middle of Jan.

This month has been slow as hell for me but what about you guys? Have you guys stuck to your New Year Resolutions? I've been trying to too! Trying to be more fitness focused this year, and let's just say it's hard work! So let's start the first blog post of 2015 with something familiar.

I've gotten to take some snaps with my awesome photographer Steven! (Always a pleasure working with you Steven!) And who can go wrong with Asilio the Label. The awesome silk two piece featured below will be up on their site soon! So gogogo!

For those who are asking what shoes I'm wearing, they're Tony Bianco! Yum! Clutch by Oroton; Thank you Chook for the Christmas Present! And nails done by @nailsbelikebk - Thanks to my gf Bunnie for making them all sparkly.

All links for the items featured are below guys. :)

Enjoy the pics! :)

If anyone has any questions, email or comment below and remember to go for a run, also get some icecream!

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