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City Struttin'

Bettina Banks


Absolutely loving earthy colours this season! Yeah it's still summer and I should be wearing burnt oranges and yellow hues but how can you go pass something as cute at this dress? And in khaki as well, yes please! 

Bang on Showpo, bang on!  


I'm loving the shoes that I'm wearing in this shoot as well, the 80's and 90's are definitely coming back into fashion. Wishing my mum kept all her clothes from back then! Would've had a killer wardrobe! 

I'd like to thank Harlow and Hide for sending me over their leather bucket bag! Been my "go to" bag to match any outfit! 

ZeroUV for always sending me over their sunnies and to complete my outfit in this shoot, my watch is by Marc Bale!  

I have finally gotten to shoot with Ramon from "Street Peeked" too! It's been a year since we discussed to shoot! Can you believe that?! Haha! 

But then again, I guess good things take time... 

I hope that everyone had a beautiful weekend, eaten lots of great food and got in some sunshine! 

See you next week!