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Luna Park

Bettina Banks


Probably one of the worst and best places to shoot ever...


I don't like heights, though I've sky dived before.

I have a phobia of clowns, so HELL NO will I be watching the movie IT.

I LOVE SUGAR, cotton candy and all things sugar EVERYWHERE!

My absolute weakness is sugar. So I really hope my coach at the gym doesn't pick on these photos of me eating away my treats! ;) 

Especially cotton candy, something about holding a wooden stick wrapped in a cloud of fluffy sugar makes me feel so nostalgic of my innocent simple childhood. (L)

But conceptually it was prefect to shoot this little cute dress by Miss Guided. 


I wanted to keep this outfit as simple as possible.

The dress itself is stripped red and white, it also fell off the shoulders, a little flowy but hugged to my body. So, I decided to keep my shoes and bag  white but my jewellery and watch gold!


I also loved how the golden Sunday afternoon, cotton candy and the Ferris wheel ride made the shots. 


Hope to guys love!!  


Shop my look in the links below! 

Dress by Miss Guided

Shoes by Adidas

Bag by Gucci

Hoop Earrings by Colette Hayman

Photographer Cameron Oates  /


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