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Spring Pants

Bettina Banks


Spring is here!!

What an awesome way to celebrate the sunshine at a pretty bar, overlooking the harbour, with some beautiful friends and a pair of floral pants! 

I was obsessed when I saw these pants online. It definitely suited my mood of knowing that spring was just around the corner.

So basically, I’m rushing my wardrobe to be filled with clothing that suits the warmth and sunshine rather than the cold that Sydney is still experiencing!


Seriously though, isn’t anyone not going to work to head to the beach instead this Wednesday?

I mean, it’s only 30 degrees in Sydney…

I’ve just come back from a trip to Phuket and Darwin and I’m worried about nothing more than losing this tan of mine. Haha!


Just last Sunday, the girls and I (+ Alfa) did nothing more than sit in the sun, bathing and tanning as we sipped on cocktails and ate shoe string fries.

We caught up because I was overseas during my birthday and all I ever wanted was to see their pretty faces when I got home.

Anyone been to Bar Hacienda yet?

It’s located just inside the Pullman Hotel on Macquaire St, Sydney and it’s such an Instagram worthy place!!

It’s decked out in pink and light green suede chairs, vines along the ceiling and walls, topped with the view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.



And if anyone was wondering why Alfa joined us girls, it’s because he’s Joanna’s photographer hubby that takes beautiful photos.

I really wanted a few snaps of the girls to keep for old times’ sake.

As everybody knows, we’re so busy growing up that we don’t have a lot of time to hang out like when we were younger.

Everyone’s extremely busy making plans for their career, setting a date to get married and when to have kids.


I really just wanted to capture these moments because one day, I’d like to blow them up and hang the on my wall.

Stare at them and laugh at all the bloody good times we had.

So, thanks ladies for coming out and catching up.

And thank you Alfa for taking these beautiful pics.



@missguided; Pants Choker & Heels

@bardot; Lace Body Suit  & Pink Fluffy Bag (Sold out! Sorry ladies!)

Photographer: Alfa @arlaproductions

Bar: Hacienda Sydney

Girlfriend @jojochamord

Girlfriend @jojochamord