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Bettina Banks

Working on some ropes while getting snapped by @streetpeeked! 


This morning I was going through some old photos from the beginning of the year and thought to myself...

"DAMN, I have some work to do to get my abs popping like that again!

That winter eating though has cause me to loose my abs and not work out consistently.... haha 

So now I'm back at the gym slaying my butt, screaming, yelling and crying because the workouts are way to hard for my liking but it must be done! 

During this week of me posting up some of my workouts on my Instagram story, my DM's came to be a little full with messages from a few ladies  asking about my diet, exercise and what my secret was. 


Truth is, there's NO SECRET! 

I eat a well balance diet, with plenty of greens, proteins and fruits! 

I drink loads of water and take my multivitamins everyday! One for my skin and one for energy.  

I try and keep my carb intake during the day and if I do eat carbs at night, 100g or the size of your fist is more an enough!

I no longer excessively drink alcohol or binge drink.

Though a cider on a hot day is pretty good and espresso martinis are sooo yum when I go out with the girls! 

I try and not to eat sugary foods but I LOVE ICE CREAM! So a small bowl is always a good treat! ;)

And chocolate?!  

Well, when I crave for chocolate I always stick to DARK chocolate, the creamy kind of course!


I work out at LEAST 3-4 times a week, whether if it's crossfit, high intensity training, weights, yoga or a light jog.  

Keeping fit and active is the key! 

And I use the word TRY because we're human and we're not perfect. Our routines go out of whack sometimes due to work commitments and travelling! So it's PERFECTLY OKAY TO TRY and stick to a routine that's good for not only your body but soul! 

So lift them weights everyone, workout till you vomit and then go get yourself some ice cream!





Bettina Banks


Have you guys heard of the new workout craze that's going around town?

Besides the whole Crossfit craze, there's Functional Kinetics. Yep, you guys read right! 

It only takes 28 minutes a day over a 28 day period, to feel and look fab. It's a workout guide by the guys over at @fitazfk!

Does it work?

Well, here's the low down...

If you guys have trouble of getting your butt to the gym because you can't think of what you should be working out or have no inspo to lifting weights, these guys pretty much hand over their secrets. You sign up for the guide, pay a small a fee of about $30AUD and then you download a booklet that's about 60 pages of fitness and health wisdom!

It's starts with educating your brain with nutrition content, from what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding and food prep ideas and snacks. (Love heart eyes*)

It's then followed by an exercise guide. A weekly exercise program including strength sessions, high intensity training and what we all love most, cardio! Oh and rest days, gotta have rest days!

I'm such a fitness fanatic, so I had to give this a try after reading what they were about. If you guys stick to the program, eat well, and is absolutely devoted in changing your fitness lifestyle, trying out FITAZFK's program is such a great start. Not only do they share their knowledge in exercise routines, they are also passionate about sharing healthy eating! 

And yes if you guys were wondering if this was a paid collaboration? It is!

But this blog post isn't!

I just had to share with you this program because I really love what the team over at @fitazfk are doing. I love that you have a guide that you get to print out and follow, I love that they send email's to inspire you to make sure you're on track and I also love their realness - after all, we are human. Life is about balance, so you are able to drink that cocktail this weekend, just chose the cocktail wisely.

If you guys are still wondering what FITAZFK's Functional Kinetics are all about, visit their website and have a look around.


I promise it will be worth while! :)